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 I,General Provisions

1. Name of association: Changsha Cross-border Trade Association, abbreviated as CCTA.

2. The Association is a cross-sectoral,non-profit social organization composed of enterprises, scientific research institutions and other economic organizations engaged in cross-border trade.

3.the purpose of the association: to comply with the national constitution, laws, national and local regulations and social morality, the implementation of Party and national and local policies. Around Changsha cross-border trade in the development of the industry, do the bridge and link between the government and corporate communication, take the lead in promoting more substantial industry policy, industry links open sharing of resources and services, through communication, consultation, coordination, training, and other forms of public service platform to provide services for the industry and members. To assist the government in the management of the industry, to strengthen the autonomy and self-discipline of the industry, to maintain market order, to fight for the legitimate rights and interests of members, leading members to develop international vision and the international market. At the same time, do a good job in industry research and industry statistics, and promote the prosperity and healthy development of the industry.

4. The registration authority is the Changsha Civil Affairs Bureau,the business unit in charge of the Changsha Municipal Bureau of commerce.

5. the residence of the association is Changsha, Hunan.

II,the scope of business

6.Association of business scope

1) implement the relevant national cross-border trade sector policies, promote the enterprises to improve the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, to assist the government to manage, industry guidance and services, to assume the tasks entrusted to the association.

2) to carry out the investigation of the basic situation of cross-border trade, to participate in and develop industry rules and standards, to the relevant government departments to propose the industry's strategic objectives, industry layout and development direction.

3) to maintain the market and industry order, strengthen the industry autonomy and self-discipline, strengthen the protection of trade secrets and personal privacy, prohibit unfair competition, safeguard intellectual property rights, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the members.

4) Collect and collate information on technology, management, market and investment and financing of domestic and foreign cross-border trade sectors, analyze market dynamics, provide information inquiry, release and consulting services.

5)the organization of various types of personnel training and personnel exchanges, improve the quality of employees in the industry

6)strengthen cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, organize and participate in domestic and foreign trade of new products, new technology exhibition, for enterprises to develop domestic and foreign markets.

7) other matters entrusted by the government or members.


7. members of the association are members of the enterprise.

8.To apply for membership in the Changsha City Cross-border Trade Association, must meet the following conditions:

1) Hunan Province in accordance with the law , integrity management, no violation of law and discipline and other bad records; 

2) To support the constitution of the Association,Recognition of the value of the association; 

3) Have the will to join the association;

4) Actively participate in association activities, willing to fulfill the obligations of members;

5) In the industry have a certain influence in the field;

6) By one or more of the board of Directors recommended, approved by the board of directors approved, and pay membership fees before joining the association.

9. To join the association of procedures:

1) Submit application form;

2) The members of the development of the field investigation confirmed that members meet the conditions;

3) Through the Council discussed and adopted;

4) Pay membership fees;

5) Membership cards are issued by the Council or a body authorized by the Council。

10. members shall enjoy the following rights:

1) the right to vote, to be elected and to vote;

2) to participate in the activities of the Association;

3) priority of access to the Association's services;

4) the right to criticize, advice and supervise the work of the association;

5) to join the voluntary and free withdrawal.

11. The Member fulfills the following obligations:

1) Executing the resolution of the Association;

2) safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the association;

3) complete the work assigned by the association;

4) to pay dues as required;

5) to the Association to reflect the situation, to provide relevant information

6) to comply with the provisions of the Association and the system;

7) actively participate in various activities organized by the association.

12. Members to pay membership dues standards: members 2000 yuan / year, the director of $2500 / year, vice chairman of 3000 yuan / year, the chairman of 4000 yuan / year

13. Members shall withdraw from the Association shall notify the Association in writing, and return the membership card.

Member one year does not pay the membership fee or not to participate in association activities, as an automatic exit.

14.member if there is a serious violation of this regulation, adopted by a vote of the council, shall be removed.

  IV, the organization and the person in charge of the production, recall

15. The supreme authority of the association is the general assembly.

16. The functions and powers of the general assembly:

1) Make and amend the articles of association;

2) Election and removal of directors and supervisors;

3) to consider the work report and financial report of the council;

4)Decided to terminate the matter;

5) to consider the Council's annual work report, the annual financial budget and final accounts program;

6) decide on other important matters.

17. members of the general assembly must have more than 2/3 of all members of the attendance, the resolution shall be adopted by more than half of the participants. The General Assembly shall make minutes for the resolution and announce to the members.

18. membership meeting each year, 5 years. Due to special circumstances in advance or delay the transition, must by the council voted, the changsha commerce bureau review and subject to consent by the changsha city civil affairs bureau approval. But the longest deferrable time can not more than 1 year.

19.Association set up the Council. The director must have the membership of the association for more than one year, recommended by two or more current members of the council, and voluntarily abide by the standard of "four out" (out of the heart, attendance, contribute strength,contribute money) ,  through the routine council vote, standing director of two-thirds agree, , and finally sworn to become members of the Association.

20.Council is the executive body of the General Assembly, leading the Association to carry out their daily work.

21. The terms of reference of the Council are:

1) to implement the resolution of the General Assembly;

2) election and removal of the presidents, vice presidents, Secretary general;

3) to prepare for and convene a general meeting;

4) report to the General Assembly on the work and financial situation;

5) Decide on the absorption or de-listing of members;

6) decided to set up offices, branches, representative offices and entities;

7) to decide on the appointments of the Under Secretary-General and the principal responsible persons of the agencies;

8) leading institutions to carry out the work of the association;

9) have the right to use on their website, business cards and corporate propaganda: ”Director of Changsha Cross - border Trade Association or Changsha cross-border trade association governing units”

10) to decide on other important matters.

22. the Council must be more than 2/3 of the directors to attend the meeting, the resolution must be more than 2/3 vote to come into effect.

23. the Council held at least once a year meeting; special circumstances, can also be held in the form of communication.

24. the director should actively safeguard the association's image and values, and actively take the initiative to maintain the Association of the official QQ group, from groups, WeChat group communication, eliminate all damage to the reputation of the Association of publicity and participation in the exchange of organizations to share Activities, can not use the resources of the Association of the Association to create other opposition or unrelated organizations, the impact of the stable development of the Association, in case of violation of the image and values of the Association, the Council discussed and voted to deal with the program.

25. The president, vice president and Secretary General of the association shall meet the following conditions:

1) uphold the party's line, principles, policies, abide by national laws and regulations;

2) in the industry have a greater impact in the field;

3) the president, vice president, secretary of the age of not more than 70 years of age, the Secretary-General for full-time;

4) good health, can adhere to normal work;

5) without any criminal punishment;

6) having full capacity for civil conduct.

26. the Association president, vice president, the Secretary-General if more than the maximum age of service, subject to the Council voted, reported to the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce review and Changsha Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau approval before they can serve.

27. the president of the association, vice president, secretary general term of 5 years. Due to special circumstances need to extend the term, subject to the General Assembly 2/3 or more members through the  vote, reported to the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce review,and approved by the Changsha Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau before they can serve.

28. The president of the association shall be the legal representative of the association.

The legal representative of the association does not serve as the legal representative of other groups.

29. The President of the Association shall exercise the following powers:

1) to convene and preside over meetings of the Council;

2) check the General Assembly, the Council of the resolution of the implementation;

3) leading the work of the Council;

4) sign the relevant important documents on behalf of the association;

5) to discuss major issues, development goals and other important work;

6) Nomination of the Secretary-General.

30. The Secretary-General of the Association shall exercise the following functions and powers:

1) to preside over the office to carry out daily work, organize the implementation of the annual work plan;

2) coordinate the work of the branches and representative offices;

3) nominate the Deputy Secretary-General, as well as the offices, branches, representative machines and entities responsible for the body, submitted to the Council decision;

4) to decide on the appointment of full-time staff of offices, representative offices and entities;

5) Handle other daily affairs;

31. the Association set up the board of supervisors. The board of supervisors shall be elected by the general meeting. Supervisors candidates from the members of the recommendation, but also by the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce recommended one. The functions and powers of the board of supervisors are:

1) to supervise the business activities and financial management of the Association;

2) attend the meetings of the Council;

3) report the work to the General Assembly;

The term of office of Supervisors shall be the same as that of the Council. The supervisors shall not concurrently hold the position of president, vice president, secretary-general, director or executive director,  and shall not have close relatives with the above-mentioned persons.

32.Area Management: Area Management refers to the Changsha City Cross-border Trade Association in order to facilitate the service association members,giving members more care and the opportunity to exchange, according to different area, nearby principle, composition of different area, convenient organization activities, business interaction, in-depth communication enterprises. District director should shoulder responsibility for development, in the maintenance of society values, under the premise of safeguarding the interests of the whole society lead the district team members actively organize and participate in various  legitimate activities. At the same time in order to avoid the drawbacks of district management, better coordination with the overall management of the association,ask for each area must rally closely around the association,adhere to a Changsha city cross-border trade association as the center principle.

33. impeachment mechanism: in accordance with the constitution, any in-service cadres have serious irregularities, can be impeached in the council, and then vote through the General Assembly to deal with.

V, asset management, use principles

34. Association funding sources:

1) membership fee;

2) donations;

3) government funding;

4) Revenue from activities or services carried out within the approved scope of business;

5) Interest;

6) other lawful income.

35, Association in accordance with relevant state regulations to collect membership dues.

36. Association funds must be used in the charter of the business scope and career development, can not be allocated among the members.

37. the Association to establish a strict financial management system to ensure that accounting information is legal, true, accurate and complete.

38. the association is equipped with professional qualifications of accounting personnel. Accounting shall not act as cashier. Accountants must carry out accounting, the implementation of accounting supervision. Accountants to mobilize the work or leave, must be clear with the transfer of personnel to take over procedures.

39. the association's asset management must implement the state's financial management system, to accept the General Assembly and the financial sector supervision. If the source of assets belongs to state appropriations or social donations, it shall be subject to the supervision of the auditing organ and make relevant information available to the public in an appropriate manner.

40. the association change the term of office or replacement of the legal representative must be accepted before the Changsha Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the financial audit.

41. the association's assets, any unit, individual shall not be encroached upon, privately divided and misappropriated.

42. the association of full-time staff salaries and insurance, benefits, with reference to the relevant provisions of the state institutions.

VI, articles of association modification procedures

43. amendments to the constitution of the Association, subject to vote by the Council after the General Assembly for consideration.

44. Association revised statutes, to be adopted within 15 days after the General Assembly, the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce review and consent, and reported to the Changsha Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau approval after the entry into force.

VII, Termination Procedures and Disposal of Property after Termination

45. the association to complete the purpose or self-dissolution or due to separation, merger and other reasons need to write off, by the Council or the Standing Council to terminate the agreement.

46. Association termination agreement shall be approved by the General Assembly, and reported to the Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce for examination and approval.

47. before the termination of the association, shall be in Changsha City Bureau of Commerce and relevant agencies under the guidance of the establishment of liquidation organizations, clean up claims, debt, deal with the aftermath. During the liquidation period, activities other than liquidation are not carried out.

48. the association by the Changsha Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau for cancellation after the registration is terminated.

49. after the termination of the Association of the remaining property, in Changsha City Bureau of Commerce and Changsha Civil Affairs Bureau under the supervision of the relevant provisions of the state,for the development of the cause associated with the purpose of the Association.

IX,Supplementary Provisions

50. the constitution in August 19, 2015 by the General Assembly adopted the vote.

51. the interpretation of this charter belongs to the Council of the Association.

52. the articles of association from the date of approval of the registration authority to take effect.