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1.To apply for membership in the Changsha City Cross-border Trade Association, must meet the following conditions:

1) Hunan Province in accordance with the law , integrity management, no violation of law and discipline and other bad records; 

2) To support the constitution of the Association,Recognition of the value of the association; 

3) Have the will to join the association;

4) Actively participate in association activities, willing to fulfill the obligations of members;

5) In the industry have a certain influence in the field;

6) By one or more of the board of Directors recommended, approved by the board of directors approved, and pay membership fees before joining the association.

2. To join the association of procedures:

1) Submit application form;

2) The members of the development of the field investigation confirmed that members meet the conditions;

3) Through the Council discussed and adopted;

4) Pay membership fees;

5) Membership cards are issued by the Council or a body authorized by the Council。