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Changsha cross-border trade association (formerly the Xiaoxiang chamber of E-Commerce) was founded in August 2015, is from Hunan's 56 small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises spontaneously formed associations. 

Uphold the integrity, mutual assistance, sharing, win-win values around Changsha cross-border trade in the development of the industry, do the bridge and link between the government and corporate communication, take the lead in promoting more substantial industry policy, industry links open sharing of resources and services, through communication, consultation, coordination, training, public service platform etc. to provide services for the industry and membership form. To assist the government in the management of the industry, to strengthen the autonomy and self-discipline of the industry, to maintain market order, to fight for the legitimate rights and interests of members, leading members to develop international vision and the international market. At the same time, do a good job in industry research and industry statistics, and promote the prosperity and healthy development of the industry. 

We advocate unity, innovation, and dedication of the entrepreneurial spirit of gratitude, we always advocate law-abiding integrity, abide by the state laws and regulations, improve the occupation moral and professional qualities, strengthen self-discipline, positive social responsibility.

At present, our enterprises still continue to recruit members, we will continue our efforts to provide a good platform for the development of the majority of the members of the growth of enterprises,to contribute to the historic breakthrough of Hunan export trade!