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  • Company:Changsha kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.,Ltd
  • Main products:HHO、Carbon、cleaner
  • Address:Floor 23,Shanghe International Business Center,Changsha,Hunan,China
  • Email:info@hhotec.com
  • Telphone:+86-731-89870168
  • Website:http://www.hhotec.com/

KingKar also provides green energy solutions. We are specialized in Oxy-Hydrogen Generator, which changes soft water into a clean burning fuel that can be used to replace traditional gas fuels. We offer this safe, clean and pollution-free new source of green energy for mankind. Our development concept is based on creating a cleaner living environment around the world and promoting the use of sustainable energy sources.
KingKar Oxy-hydrogen generator for boiler only consumes water 
and electricity to create oxy-hydrogen gas which feeds into to the combustion chamber for complete burning.it increases the combustion efficiency of the existing fuel etc. There is no pollution, no harmful gases or other chemical additives.  

Our machine content: Oxy-hydrogen generator for boiler, Oxy-hydrogen used in industrial furnace, Oxy-hydrogen used in medical care, industrial  and household wastes incinerator, Oxy-hydrogen used in generator, Oxy-hydrogen used in clean coal combustion technology, Oxy-hydrogen used in pharmaceutical industry and etc